Sketches / 14 – grading framework.

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Sketches / 14

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I realized that when it comes to sixth and seventh grade work, I care a great deal about neatness and form on the one hand, and content on the other. I made this chart the other day to consider how there are intersections between them, and how I should consider grading the two kinds of work.

I’m not sure that I’m prepared to just start USING this as the method by how I grade student papers, but this is still a potentially interesting idea. Does anyone else use a similar rubric?

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Form and content are the big issues I wrestle with when grading. I made this chart to try to help myself understand what sort of things I cared about when grading history papers. I’m not sure I’m prepared to adopt this as an official document yet, but I’m planning on considering it over the summer.

ContraDance / Day 42

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My lady and I went to Greenfield last night for their weekly Contradance at Guiding Star Grange. We had a great time. Everyone was super-nice, and made a genuine effort to help us get into the swing of things. (Pun sorta intended.) 

This morning, as I did five golden coins, Inoticed how similarly taiji is to contra.  They’re both breath work within a pattern. They’re both energy raising activities bound together by traditions and the geometry of the human form. They’re bothorganized around spins.  But Contradance is really about community and friendships in a way that taiji is not. My solo activity definitely feeds into contradance.  But Contradance doesn’t yet have an affect on my practice,

On the other hand, Contra makes me happy.  It’s like … I don’t know.  I’m not a drug user and I rarely have alcohol. Yet I feel cheerfuland ecstatic — drunk, even — when I’m dancing, in a way that e en taiji doesn’t make me feel.  

Discilpline contributes to a good life.  But life itself depends on more than discipline to be good.