5. The Hall of Gemini

This week, we walk through the Hall of Gemini, the third of the halls of this Astrologer’s Palace. The hall of Gemini is one of my favorites, really, even though we’re only spending about 25 minutes here (there’s about 5 minutes of introductory material, to remind you all of the basic techniques involved).

Show Notes

There ought to be extensive show notes but there really aren’t. So much of Palace of Memory work is simply memorizing things by pretending that they’re spaces or places, and walking around in them.

However, an astute listener reminded me that one thing I could do is provide this information in written form, for review:

The Hall of Gemini has:

  • an orange and rainbow ceiling, in honor of Mercury;
  • gray columns with upside-down horseshoes, to show the exaltation of the North Node;
  • a floor of blue-glazed tiles, graven with the symbol of Jupiter, to show Jupiter’s detriment here.
  • Three Decan chapels along the left-hand/inner wall, celebrating Jupiter, Mars, and the Sun;
  • Five chambers along the right-hand/outer wall, dedicated to Saturn/Mercury (8), Mercury/Saturn (7), Mars (6), Jupiter (5), and Venus (4);
  • A trio of Triplicity lord statues by the doors at the far end of the hall — Saturn by day, Mercury by night, and Jupiter cooperating with both of them.

Everything else you’ll have to pick up from repeated listenings. Next week, we’ll talk to Jenilee Taylor about her experiences with Palace of Memory techniques, and visiting with her grandmother.

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