6 Interview with Jenilee Taylor

Show Notes

Jenilee Taylor is the Regional Advisor for Region 6 (upper Midwest US and parts of Canada) for Toastmasters International (which is how I met her). She’s also a coach, a motivational speaker, and a business consultant. We were at a training event for Toastmasters International together, and we wound up speaking quite by accident about the power of palace of memory techniques. The amazing thing is that she didn’t know that this is what they were called. Someone suggested “why don’t you try memorizing your TED talk in a room-by-room way through your house?” and that’s what she did.

What’s more remarkable is that she suffered from a brain injury as a kid, and the resulting surgery may have damaged her short-term memory functions. However, the artificial memory techniques called “Memory of Place” allowed her to work around that to memorize an approximately 12.5-minute speech, word-for-word, in order to make lighting cues and slide-changes work accurately.

We mentioned that she was a TED presenter. Here’s her presentation:

Emotional Glitter: The Power of Connection
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