1. A Palace of Memory

Memory is one of the oddest things about human beings. How do we remember what we’ve learned? Where does it go in our brains? How are we able to recall it? With an art form like astrology, which is dependent on accurately memorizing vast quantities of information that we did not ourselves create, the work is even trickier.

In this episode, the first of a new podcast, we’re going to try to lay out the how’s and why’s of a Palace of Memory for astrologers. Palace of Memory techniques, essentially ‘artificial memories’, use a combination of mental training, strong visual images, and locations in real or imaginary space, to store and recall information effectively. Many of the world’s astrologers have been practitioners of this techniques, and in the following episodes, we’ll try to show both the methodology and the purpose of these tools to both new and more seasoned astrologers.

In subsequent episodes, we’ll visit the individual chambers of the Palace of the Zodiac, and explore them in more detail; and visit with astrologers, wizards, translators, and memory practitioners both experienced and new, trying to understand why these techniques work — and how they will improve your practice as a leader, coach, presenter, interpreter, and creator.

Show Notes

None for this episode.

Other Episodes

  1. A Palace of Memory (This one)
  2. Interview With Erik Arneson
  3. Hall of Aries
  4. Hall of Taurus
  5. Hall of Gemini
  6. Interview with Jenilee Taylor
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  1. Andrew there should be a way to make the RSS feed for the site in general work for podcasts (as podcasts are usually just RSS feeds anyway)

    • Except that the RSS feed for the podcast is run through a different software plug-in than the blog posts. Separate systems, separate results.

    • Also, congratulations? I think you’re the first person to comment on any of the podcast episodes. So I guess that means I should finish the second half of the season.

  2. Is your podcast available at all of the usual podcatchy places?
    If so, what should we be searching for?
    Also, will you have slides for any of the episodes?

    Best of luck with this new initiative.

    • It’s not yet available at all the pod catchy places. I have to sign up for them individually, import the links that go to various websites into my website, set up the individual links at those sites, and then manage them through both this website and a sync site. And I haven’t figured out how to do all of that yet; some sites require a minimum number of episodes before they’ll let you do that; and some want you to pay for all of that. It’s going to be tricky.

      It will not have slides. This is about training the imagination, and it’s already difficult to do that with me talking to you.

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