2. Interview with Erik Arneson

The Episode

Erik Arneson of the Arnemancy Podcast joined me for the second episode. He and I chatted later in the day on 26 January 2020. Our wide-ranging conversation covers both “memory of image” and “memory of place”, although Erik demonstrates the value of both the “chain” and the “field” or “table” seals from Thirty Seals and the Seal of Seals, one of the expert-level manuals from Giordano Bruno (executed AD 1600 in Rome for heresy).

Fair warning: I’ve appeared on Erik’s podcast a number of times, including our two-part 2020 prediction episodes, the Wizards of the Future, and the Sewing and Magic episode. I think highly of him, and he thinks highly of me, but we’re a couple of goofballs when it comes to geeking out about discussing the art of memory like highly-rational folks.

So, sit back, take a listen, and enjoy!

Show Notes

Erik L. Arneson is a writer, podcaster, amateur scholar, and practicing magician.

I’ve found the following pieces of his to be quite useful:

Erik has also hosted ME, Andrew Watt, on his show several times:

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