Astrology: Sun in Scorpio I

The tenth astrology column this year (Libra III-III, Virgo IIIIII, Leo IIIIII) begins October 23, 2019 at 1:20 pm Eastern time and continues for about ten days until November 2, 2019. The Ascendant is in Capricorn, playing Saturn just above the Ascendant, and Pluto just below. Jupiter nears the end of his time in favorable Sagittarius (though he still has another month or so to go). A trine has emerged between planets in Scorpio, the North Node in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces. This may bring some favorable surprises; but Mars stands in balancing Libra, where the warrior stands square to both Saturn and the Nodes. It’s an interesting chart, and we’ll unpack first the idea of triplicity, and then the planetary placements, and then go into the Rising Sign Horoscopes.

So… Triplicity. The signs of the Zodiac are grouped into four sets of three signs, based on their elemental alignment. Each sign has a ruler, but they also have a trio of “lords” who are akin to “magistrates”, or high-level officials of the ruler, in those signs. We can think of it as being like the butler, chief housekeeper, and cook in a Downton Abbey-like household; or like a state governor’s lieutenant governor, his attorney general, and secretary of state: the chief deputies. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are connected with Fire, and the fire signs’ three magistrates are the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are associated with Air, and the three deputies here are Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter. For the three Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, the three deputies are Venus, Mars, and the Moon. For the three Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, the three deputies are Venus, the Moon, and Mars. Arnemancy had a great article on memorizing the list of the triplicity rulers; and from this list it’s possible to see that each sign-ruler commands an overall pattern, but also assigns deputies to manage certain subordinate aspects of their area of responsibility.

Planetary Placements:

As it so happens, we have quite a lot in Scorpio this month. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which is not well-placed in Libra in the 10th house (and square to the Nodes, and to Saturn), where he is in detriment. So the ruler is sick, and not able to function to the best of his ability. However, Scorpio is a water sign — and water signs are managed by the three deputies Venus, the Moon, and Mars. Venus isn’t well-placed either in Scorpio, but she does know how to manage issues of spirituality and friendship here in the 11th house; so that, at least, is likely to go well. The Moon is waning in Leo in the 8th house, where she has no special dignity or responsibility. And finally Mars, as we’ve already noted, is not in the best position.

So… the ruler who is currently hosting an important meeting for the Sun, Venus, and Mercury is sick; his Major-domo here is Venus, who is unhappy with her current pay scale or the way that Mars talks about her behind her back; and Mars hasn’t handed over enough of the management of the household to trustworthy subordinates, and the head of housekeeping and protocol is away.

We can do the same kind of analysis for our other major stellium, the PlutoSaturn-Ascendant-South Node pile-up in Capricorn. The goat-fish is an Earth sign ruled by Saturn, so the rulers are… Venus, Mars and the Moon. Venus is way ahead of her boss, Saturn, in planning this little soiree, but Mars and Saturn are in a bit of a power struggle over the right way to do things; and the Moon doesn’t see eye-to-eye with her boss right now at all.

This next ten days, it’s likely to feel like someone in charge is giving orders, and directing traffic… and no one is carrying out those orders at all. It will be as though you are turning the wheel and honking the horn of your car — and nothing is happening because you’re on an amusement park ride; the surface controls are present, but the linking mechanisms which join commands to action are in part missing.

The same thing is true with Jupiter. In Pisces, a sign that he rules, Jupiter ought to be acting like one of the great powers of the age. However, Sagittarius is a fire sign, and so his deputies are Saturn, Mercury, and himself. Saturn is well-placed, but in his own sign of Capricorn right next door; this is a relationship called inconjunct, akin to your spouse going to the store but forgetting their cellphone — they’re close at hand, and might be returning at any moment; but it’s impossible to give them directions right now. A lot of time can be wasted. Mercury alone has any dignity here: if you want to engage in some heavy lifting and challenging work around communication, business, travel or planning… now’s your window of opportunity. Jupiter can manage the mass communication — the marketing, the advertising, and so on… but that involves knowing your target, and keeping it in sight.

The Moon, as mentioned earlier, is in Leo, in the 8th house. Seated in the 12th Mansion of the Moon at 28°, she speaks messages of strife, hinderance, blockage and conflict; hinderance of movement is a common theme, as well.

Overall, the message of the next ten days is less than ideal. We have been in restaurants and hotels with an over-committed or inattentive staff (or sometimes one overworked night clerk!), we have encountered retail shops with one harried cashier and a floor assistant for a dozen customers with varying needs, and call-in “help lines” with a wearying array of options and no way to talk to someone who can actually solve your problem. Try to remember that “imperious bosses with limited staff” is one of the themes of the next ten days. Your call may be on hold for a while.

Rising Sign Horoscopes

This less than ideal imagery and process carries over into the challenges of the horoscopes. You may find yourself rudderless, leaderless, or without your usual support staff or traditional allies in the areas of the chart that are ruled by these planetary combinations. Take heart — a lot of other people are going through the same challenges. Ask the questions of friends and family: are you feeling adrift? Do you find it’s hard to get anything done? How do you think we can help each other overcome the current blocks, obstacles and lassitude we face? I don’t guarantee you’ll choose the right people, or find the correct solution, but you’ll find that there’s alliance and future success.

Capricorn: Your inner and outer worlds are in alignment during the next ten days, as your rising sign matches the rising sign at the start of the Decan. There’s a balanced approach to a growing conflict at work; and you may hold the deciding thumb that sets the scale to equal — but the weight on the right side. The forces of unpredictability and dissolution are bracketing home — but pass over your little shelter for you and your family, leaving it unscathed; some trouble and upset may affect you or your siblings’ creature comforts, though. A partner’s issues draw more attention this ten days: be sensitive to their appearance and sense of self-worth, as they’re operating without the full panoply of assets and there are some holes in their usual plan. Help them mind the gaps. Your attention should next focus not on career, but on your circle of friends, who are both a source of good fortune and a cluster of confusion. Try to avoid saying “I told you so” when they outline their difficulties; instead, put up the detour signs that lead them back to their original route. THat’s why they called you, after all — you’re good at that practical wayfinding.

Aquarius: You may begin to define self-worth as net worth in the next week or so, and that’s a trap that should be avoided — especially if there’s less than usual in the bank account and wallet. Trouble and conflict don’t just randomly appear; these days, they could be tied to a purchase of an item of personal comfort with funds intended for shared use with your partner. Your friends and professional networks will be important to your career this week; make a few calls, rattle your web, see who’s in the market for your skills. At the same time, direct this energy through appropriate channels, and be cautious about putting too much pressure in these pipes; some of the maintenance crew is on leave this time of year. At least one old friend is in genuine need of your one-to-one assistance this week; be both merciful and generous with your time as you hear them out in relative privacy.

Pisces: You, a friend, and your partner are caught up in fringe circumstances in the neighborhood this week. I’m not talking about a threesome in a swamp or an abandoned mill, mind you (though that could happen, it seems unlikely) — but rather a tangle over how to manage a sudden, sprawling learning opportunity together. Maybe it’s time for a shared adventure; maybe you wind up in the same adult education class together; maybe you wind up at a new restaurant overlooking the waterfall. Make the most of the sudden overthrow of old plans, and use the time well. If a subordinate or colleague at work leaves, the legacy project is likely to land in your lap — the moment you learn of upcoming departures, go say goodbye and how much they mean to you… and pick their brain about what they’re working on. You may need that knowledge.

Aries: Concerns about home and personal sense of self are closely aligned with one another in the next week and a half. Is it time to move, to be closer to work or career options? Is it time to cut back on work hours to spend more time at home? The questions, rather than the answers, prove important. Be sure to involve both family and spouse or significant other in the conversation; don’t simply decide and declare by fiat what will happen. The balance of less-and-more should be regarded with some seriousness, especially since you need to restructure your spending patterns to be more closely aligned with what you actually enjoy; and to minimize conflicts over what wealth is actually yours. It’s possible that your best friend at work or your partner in business may suddenly become an ex-, but this may be beneficial to both of you as you work out a new arrangement with more useful boundaries than you had before. Clear communication through the awkwardness is essential.

Taurus: Your personal commitment to luxurious enjoyment of life is sabotaged in the next ten days by significant responsibilities to your partner, your friends, and your professional associates. Cut the work into manageable chunks, weigh out each segment, and envision the beauty that will result from putting aside your comforts for their growth and insight. The aesthetics of your dreams can help them channel their work toward fruitful objectives — and you will find fortune in their success, too. At the same time, hold the confidences and keep the surprises that are in store for them. Conflict may arise in the house of your ancestors, particularly your father’s family; you may have to get up and leave, but your partner’s sunny disposition may help you shine through the wrangle. Speaking of partners, a lot is riding on your significant other at this time: the spotlight is on them to be visionary, attractive, communicative, professional, courteous, and authoritative, and in front of a great many people you don’t want to disappoint… that’s a lot of balls to juggle at once, so be supportive in public while coaching (not critical) in private. Your travel plans may also be considerably more cramped and stunted than you imagined; try not to make the close quarters poisonous, too.

Gemini: Your health, and the health of any subordinates, may be in for a lot of personal scrutiny in the days ahead. Be cautious about taking days off or sick days, and gently express concern for the well-being of employees who may be out. It’s not that you can’t afford to be generous and merciful in dealing with business associates; it’s that all of your fortunes depend on a reliable network of allies and associates — and too many colleagues gone makes all of you turn in less-than-quality effort. So, if your group is between projects, take on fewer labors for the moment; if you’re pressed to the wall, seek extended deadlines earlier, and give you and your staff some wiggle room. You may feel like you have more money coming in, but there are some constraints on your shared expenses that should be budgeted for; cut back as you’re able on some household expenses, and regard the legacy systems as less important while carrying water for the pipes and heating ducts. Minimize conflicts with siblings in the next ten days. An unpleasant surprise may be looming for your boss; what initially appeared like a career highlight may begin to feel more like a sunset. Stepping into the situation may be messy; double check with friends before you go charging into the breach.

Cancer: Your chart is upside-down during this ten day cycle. As a result there’s a risk that matters that are usually private are close to the surface; while matters that are ordinarily public feel like they are only your own internal concerns. Pull more of your life toward yourself, even though right now it seems like your partner needs you more than ever; there has to be room for you in your life! A conflict over money may be at the heart of a familial spat, or a challenge about the old homestead, or a disconnect about your career plans. Just try to remember that you need to find the lucky break, and it’s likely among your friends, making time todo something you enjoy. It may not work out with the smoothness and beauty of your own dreams, of course, but it will have to do for now; there’s always a surprise wrinkle even in the highest- quality sheets. Don’t neglect work- and career- related projects, either, but you may find more enjoyment in them than you planned. There’s a roughness or difficulty in your neighborhood that you’d like taken care of; you’ve been playing peace-maker long enough, but this is a challenge to your space and your self that you can’t afford to ignore. To deal with it, you will need both more courage, and less support from your allies, than you think. A secret effort involving several close friends suddenly becomes larger-scale, more-involved, and elaborate than you originally thought it would be when you agreed to help; it may be worth your time to take charge.

Leo: You may be experiencing an inner conflict or war within yourself, between your peak potential, and the sense that life is passing by too fast, that the sunset years will be here before you know it. Whatever career goals you have right now, pare them to the bare essentials. Establish limits and deadlines, and keep them. It’s not to say you can’t have time with your friends, your own pleasures; they’re one and the same, summer child. Home matters are highlighted the next ten days; this is the place you’ll process and understand your secrets, do the work that increases your fortunes, find the lucky breaks, and achieve your highest good. This doesn’t mean, “spend all your time at home” though — while at least one preferred local destination should be cut from your list of regular hang-outs, there’s also work to be had in helping keep your super-close friends secure and happy… and some outside research is also needed. Some focused and intentional labor around setting good boundaries at work, or rigorously checking your health, would also be wise. But overall, some more time in solitary contemplation might be good for you, though it’s not your natural instinct.

Virgo: You likely have a new learning project in your immediate future, or a business trip; in both cases you may feel like a fish out of its preferred pond. If you travel, be sure you visit the wider neighborhood — especially if your work involves channeling complex or secret information toward completed projects. How large is your neighborhood? What are the boundaries of your professional networks? Give these questions some thought during your journeys, or if you’re facing budget cuts at work. Your own pleasures are limited, and you may be feeling that it’s time to change at least one toxic bad habit. If so, be receptive to that idea. More time with friends is needed, but be a little choosy. Opening up to their feelings is best, but you should be aware that there’s a tricky interior landscape on your side of the relationship-equation. Are you using these friends and allies for merely practical concerns, or are their deeper and richer connections you should be fostering? Appropriate awareness, mitigation and repair is needed.

Libra: Concerns about career and self-identity are likely to be intertwined in the next ten days. House, home and family matters are likely to get pulled into the equation, and matters that you find important or even essential may still get cut and burned. When they do, seek comfort and connection in your network, but be aware that this may cost you some money… or you may have to call on acquaintances for cash. Communicating your needs is not likely to be easy, but get creative; your humility and your challenges may also be inspirational — and your aspirations are likely to bring forth assistance from unplanned neighbors and from even the most well-armored partners; a neighbor or brother may turn out to be extraordinarily generous… but they have to be aware of your troubles, first. To get there, you may have to relax the normal walls you place around house and home… or establish a wider definition of ‘home’ than you’re used to. There’s an occasion when you’ll find a dream fulfilled unexpectedly, but in ways that are both more and less valuable than you expect.

Scorpio: You friends and wider net of relationships should be substantially on your mind and in your heart in the next ten days; those relationships will yield unexpected alliances in the neighborhood, and important new growth for your romantic partner, and lucky breaks for yourself. However, it requires a level of emotional honesty and maturity to come from you, and some of that work may require communicating in new ways, and envisioning a wider plan for the future that conflicts with, and overthrows, some long-held dreams. You may find that your finances are improving, but you must be sure of your numbers. Take the time to do a thorough solo analysis of your expenses and income… and remember that saving money is also called paying yourself. So remember to pay yourself in the next ten days, and don’t live hand-to-mouth so completely. At the same time, you’re likely finding a new level of self-identification with your neighborhood: “I live here now.” If the chance arises (or plan for it, really… when the chance arises), walk the streets of your neighborhood, get to know the place, and begin to define both its boundaries and its darker sides. The area you can really call yours is smaller than you think, but you still need to know it. Some dissolution of the outer edges is necessary — don’t establish hard walls, but rather think about a tidal ebb and flow: a larger neighborhood some times of year or day, and smaller at others.

Sagittarius: It’s going to feel lonely in the next ten days, with your rising sign climbing into the sky, but still in the place where you do your best reflection and study, and the best selection of “next targets”. Some secrets need revealing; some communications will be uncomfortable; some friendships will be sources of funding, lucky breaks, and celebration of your talents. None of them will necessarily be easy, and writing up the appropriate contractual relationships will keep clients that are also friends from generating toxic stews. Money troubles continue to constrain, but they’re likely gnawing at the roots of your sense of self worth at the moment. Rest, as you can, in the armors that a spouse or partner provides, and acknowledge more often aloud that their legacies and bequests are helping through this current trouble. Home is also going through disruptions, but (for now) these are more imaginary than real; your continued residence is supported by your partner, and it’s in the midst both your work and friends-network. Don’t plan to leave. At the same time, check real estate listings — would a shift of your home ground be worthwhile? What about an office or workspace away from home? Certainly, your daily labors are going through some upheavals; you can’t predict day-to-day what you’ll be doing, and what you imagine is rarely what comes to be. None of this likely feels comfortable, and that’s OK. Some of the old life still needs to be bound up and packed away; some of the new life has yet to be born because it’s still molting and readying its new shell. If there’s any real conflict right now, of course, it’s deeply imbedded in travel issues, learning opportunities, and your responsibilities to both elders and the ghosts of your past.

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  1. On YouTube there’s a channel called MindAndMagick. In his videos, he uses a triplicity chart that has Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon as the triplicities of water.

    It still makes my head spin that there are multiple triplicity and term schemes out there, and yet good practitioners can still get results with these systems.

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