Astrology: Sun Enters Leo III

It’s been ten days, and it’s time for my third astrology-by-decan column. The first two are here (1) and here (2). I’m trying to use the Decans of the Zodiac (as described in Austin Coppock‘s book 36 Faces) as the basis for my own first forays into writing an astrology column. First results have been pretty good, so I’ll keep going. Two down, thirty-four to go, in theory. Let’s get started, shall we? Thus, in the first part of the column, we’ll identify briefly where the planets are, and then write a horoscope or delineation for how those planetary combos are going to play out for each Rising Sign (the stars on the eastern horizon) at the moment of your birth.

You can figure out your rising sign by identifying the sign of your Ascendant, the point roughly where the Sun rose on the day of your birth, plus however many hours and minutes added to the primary rotation. If you were born, for example, on June 21, the Sun rose in Cancer at dawn… but two hours later, the Sun would be much higher of the horizon, and Leo would now be the rising sign.

Planetary Positions

Let’s look at the planetary positions, on AUGUST 12, 2019, at 8:23 pm. That’s the moment of the Sun’s entry into Leo III, the third Decan of Leo, which Austin Coppock calls “The Banner”, as in the banner year, the banner of a military unit or of a king’s bodyguards, or of a knight taking the field.

The Ascendant is in Pisces, so we can expect water and the ocean to play a big part in the next ten days (he writes, as he prepares to leave for the beach for a bit). From the perspective of the chart as written, the Sun is in the underworld. Most of us will likely experience this as a time to shine the light inwards on parts of our lives. The Moon, a bit before full, stands in Capricorn in a separating conjunction with Pluto — having just passed right over all the positions of Saturn and the South Node in the previous 24 hours. It’s in the 22nd Mansion, a symbol of the devouring or wasting force that diminishes our resources and destroys our well-being.

For the visible planets, a good chunk of them are in Leo — high heat and humidity are to be expected. Mercury joins Venus and Mars which have been here for a number of days already. Jupiter has turned direct in Sagittarius, rather like an arrow leaving the bowstring — not yet passed the place where it began, but gaining speed. Saturn has begun his backtracking trudgery through Capricorn, widening the gap between itself and the South Node of the Moon.

For the transpersonal planets, Uranus is causing upheavals in the broad fields of Taurus, while Neptune makes waves in oceanic Pisces and Pluto is revealing whatever’s toxic but treasured in the boneyards of Capricorn — the waters and the earth itself are in a state of deep unsteadiness and revolt; this is likely to continue.

These broad conditions can be expected to continue until about August 24.

Rising Sign Forecasts

Here’s how that forecast for the planetary placements plays out for each Rising Sign over the next ten or so days, while the Sun passes through the third decan of Leo.

Which sign is your rising sign? If you know your chart, your Ascendant (usually abbreviated “AS”) is the sign which is the rising sign. Read that sign’s paragraph to get a sense of what may be going on.

Pisces: Your sense of self is currently undergoing what may gently be called a slow-moving tsunami, or a slothfully lazy maelstrom. Elements of your life may be in some upheaval, to put it gently… but this is likely to continue to for some time. Accept that you’re going to learn how to surf these changes, and emerge more gracefully each time you fall (staying on longer and longer each time). Right now, the wave is coming to a crest, so surf well as the wave topples into the tube. Try not to think about Shark Week too much. Your relationship to family and to your neighborhood is also getting a thorough shaking; you’re trying to spend more time on what you enjoy, but the cost seems to be tears. Recent stress tests may have shined a light on issues or problems in your daily life (or possibly on issues in your physical health); either way, a solution is available that’s beautiful and which doctors are likely to help you implement successfully. The boss at work is celebrating your accomplishments, which may lead to a promotion (that could be somewhat at odds with your dream job, though). Your social and professional network is a dumpster fire at the moment, and you’re wondering who you gonna call at 3am if trouble arises; no one is living up to standards these days. Even your partner may be in an overly-analytical frame of mind. You can let their troubles wash over you — or you can make your own waves; they’re not likely to wash the difficult people out of your life completely, but at least some will look for higher and drier ground farther away.

Aries: Chances are that you’re enjoying a moment of glory as you complete a goal or two. Some recent laurels have started to wilt, and it’s time to start working on a new project. Money matters are in a state of disruption, and sometimes you don’t know what or when you should eat. You’re likely wishing you had more chances to be with family or close to home, and home needs more of your attention. However, if you don’t take some time to identify what YOU really want, it’s likely to slip away before you get it. Invest time in communicating your own desires, and then figure out an actionable plan for them while the iron is hot and the drive in you is strong. Your work these days is deep in analysis-mode, your partner may be making more money than you, and you’re feeling more religious (or at least more ‘spiritual’) than you have in years. Professionally, your career may be tattered and damaged by an uncaring or actively-hostile boss at the moment; it may be time to organize a deliberate retreat from the current ground.

Taurus: Uranus is getting your lazy bull all riled up, shaking up the usually-pastoral scene. All sorts of things are likely to get your normally-placid self into a rage. You dream of having big money these days, but the reality is far short — make plans based on realistic assumptions rather than your divinely inspired dreams. Your family needs your attention right now, but there’s a spotlight on home, where the cat at the heart of your soul wants to luxuriate languidly in the Sun. Before you can do that, there’s a lot of things that need fixing; find the drive to get that stuff done, even if it means burying your typical enjoyments for a bit. Want money these days? You may need to find your way back to your earlier labors, this time weighting your time with a proper value. The question of your legacies probably loom large these days; though you may want to travel, there’s tight limits on where you go and when, which probably chafes. A big wave of trouble is surging through your friends, as well, which doesn’t make your own difficulties any easier — just remember your own life-vest goes on first.

Gemini: You’re having big dreams these days, and those dreams are likely fueled or funded by your wealth and resources. The thing is, it’s easy to multiply expenses unnecessarily — remember to hold an appropriate balance between income and other matters. Family and neighborhood issues are both hanging out the flags and choosing sides; communication needs are spotlighted, and your creative gifts are needed to advance your particular position’s banners. Home life is in decline, but your star is rising at work, albeit in ways that cause turbulence to the other topics of your life. The trouble is, you’re having fun at work, and you’re getting close to the boss; but there’s a tension between your dreams and your partner’s desires. A legacy system causes challenges.

Cancer: You’re hungry for big things in your life right now. Your finances are going well, and you’re able to create new ways to invest or manage your money these days. However, you’re not getting to spend enough time with family, and work-from-home feels like a useful or important option for you right now; however, the boss may want to keep you close, as though you’re an important part of their career plans. Your partner is likely placing unexpected limitations on your life at present; this is more in-your-face and toxic than usual. You’re feeling called to a significant overseas journey, and possibly dreaming of a voyage to a life-altering destination. Now is the time, although there’s so much going on that it may feel impossible to get away — help may come from a sudden shake-up in your friends, although it may feel like the foundations of your world crumbling. Review your finances in some detail and practice your spreadsheet skills — you may find there’s time and money worth spending on finding a new side of yourself.

Leo: Put on your best clothes and burnish that ‘fake’ tiara — and try to remember a crown is a crown even if it’s only cheap costume jewelry meant to last only a little while. You’re firing on most cylinders right now, with a strong drive to advance your own causes, the ability to dress for success, and the right words just spilling out of your mouth. YOU really like what you’re aiming at — and even if there has been some need to scale back the party, things are now progressing on schedule. If only things were going well at work: but there have been delays and difficult people, and fewer resources than necessary. Reflect, as best you can, on the bigger picture beyond your office; spend some more time considering your own role in the trouble, which is larger than you think; and try to identify how you could put a little earthquake to work in shaking up your career. Your deepest dreams are to run away with a couple of friends, but you know that your real wealth is to be found close to home right now. A romantic partner may be in need of money; be sure to analyze these requests carefully.

Virgo: Your partner in business or romance is likely needing a lot of your careful attention and focus at the moment, and it may feel like the world is a little topsy-turvy. Be detail-oriented on their behalf, even as you try to balance the budget for both of you; some heavy seas may have swamped their boat recently, and you may need to bail them out: at least you recognize the light in their eyes these days. Your household and family are in need of some attention, but some recent crises have passed, and you can afford to be a little more forgiving and expansive here…. although reining in some of your more self-indulgent tendencies would be wise. Hold up a mirror to yourself, and consider: are your pleasures really doing you a world of good? You probably feel like you’re spending more time with friends than usual, but you’re having less fun, and there’s maybe some people that are less-intimately connected than you used to think. You don’t have to purge anyone from your friends list… but a little more discernment about who you tell what, is in order. You’ve been waving your flag high these days, and setting a standard — but it possibly feels like your position has been under bombardment of late, and frankly the spirit of the laws of conflict, if not exactly the letter, is on their side rather than yours. Restrain some of the impulse to stand in the spotlight and try to explain, even if that’s what you’re good at.

Libra: Some good bargains and some quality deals may come your way in the next ten days, as you learn to expand your idea of what your “kith” really is. A lot of people think that kith is like your extended family, but it means something more like “your home ground”, back in the days when few people traveled more than 10-15 miles from home. Adopt a larger definition of home right now, and do some exploration of the wilder places nearby as you’re able. Mostly, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. It’s likely really hard — there’s all sorts of reasons to stay and all sorts of troubles that need solutions. But the worry is making you sick — so be somewhere other than home whenever you can. Work is possibly turbulent despite all the limitations placed on you there — but you’re climbing the ladder of success there as best as can be expected, and they do need more from you, anyway. It’s worth being a little militant, though, about not taking on additional roles or work until there’s a field promotion, even if they can’t actually raise your pay: claim a title; get a free pass to a conference you want to attend; or arrange to work from home more often.

Scorpio: You’re doing a lot to advance the brand and standards of your employer these days, but not enough to elevate your own brand. Think about sprucing up your wardrobe for the fall, and retiring clothes that no longer serve you; every garment can wear out its welcome in time. The sun shines on your opportunities for now, but communicate your needs cleanly while you have the stage and the focus is on you. A raise may be in the offing if you’re able to negotiate for what you want. You have a lot of things you want to do in your neighborhood, but practically speaking your attention is on foreign shores and more complicated experiences than you can have at home: there’s difficult matters holding you close to your front door. A review of your current teachers, formal and informal, is worthwhile: are you being fed bad or even toxic ideas? Some of your magical or spiritual projects are likely to come to little result at this time, as well — and a wave of dissatisfaction may be sweeping through your progeny, as well; are the terrible twos, or the tragic tweens, settling in for a spell? If so, a turnover of responsibility with your spouse or partner may be in order; good cops should start playing bad cop, and vice versa. If you have big dreams right now, great — but see if you can get someone else to finance that dream. Just as an open-ended examination of your teachers is worthwhile, you may find that it’s time to let a few friends ride off into the sunset — don’t leave them, exactly, but admit to yourself that they’re leaving. You’re more likely to make money through solo work during these ten days than through group projects.

Sagittarius: You’re living up to your reputation as a noble and priestly individual more and more every day — which means a generous and open mind and heart, but also an expanding waistline. Some fasting and some yoga or calisthenics may be in order. Finances may seem tight: your expenses are larger than your income; and at least some of that income comes in from from sources that you’re finding problematic. Are you trying to get by on less? It’s time to disrupt your daily routines, and figure out how to earn more of other people’s money and attention. The lights are on at home for the first time in a while, but it may feel like a hidden trap: both your dreams and your opportunities are elsewhere, although you should try to eat at home more often; cleaning your fridge out and then cleaning it with soap, may be in order. You’re being asked to go on a couple of big trips soon — one immediate, and connected with learning; one farther out with your family, which requires a lot more planning and consideration that you haven’t had the bandwidth for yet. Put some sunshine on these vague plans soon — and make sure those plans satisfy all partners, while also keeping your responsibilities in mind. If you have career goals, it’s a good time to outline them — but more energy should go into helping your partner figure out next steps than making your own moves. Some friends pay you for your advice and work this week, too though there’s a balancing act to figuring out how much you should charge.

Capricorn: Do you feel like it’s your perfect time? The world is as dark and difficult as most of your colleagues and friends have ever known, and you’re just reveling in the power of your most recent “I Told You So.” It’s true — you’re right — and you’re just being honest — but do try to remember how much of that darkness and trouble is actually hurting people you love and care about, and even some of the people that you only sort of casually tolerate: your “I told you so” is a poison in people’s ears — which is how Claudius killed Hamlet’s father to take the throne. If your plan is to take the throne, and be in charge, go on as you’ve been doing; just remember that you’re digging graves with your words, not new foundations. On the other hand, if you plan to continue to be friends with these folks, try to be a better vizier and advisor, and replace “I told you so,” with “I think there’s a way out of this mess.” Shining a light on to others’ resources and legacies — their determination, their inner fire, their creativity, and their skillfulness as teachers and messengers — will lead to better results. You may get a small raise at work if it’s the right time in the review cycle, or it may be time to take on a new client or two with some money up front. Your favorite neighborhood watering hole may be closing; be adventurous and try a new place; let your partner pick it out if you’re unsure of the venue. There may be a chance for something rather like your dream project to manifest at work, but be cautious about taking on the task until the work is more well-defined — you could easily find that it’s a lonely throne where your reputation is honor-bound to an effort with nebulous requirements and unknown deadlines.

Aquarius: The next ten days may see significant constraints on your time, and the carving-away of resources you thought were genuinely committed. Unexpected visits from important friends take center stage, and your own timelines may be missing the mark. There are signs on the horizon that money matters may be somewhat turbulent, but there’s an eye in the storm right now — batten the hatches and bail out the bilge while you can. Money-in, is currently supporting money-out, so it feels like the ship is tight, but be prepared for an unexpected leak or three. Although work is demanding more from you these days, there’s a tension between what you must do, and what you’re getting paid; weigh the labor against the expectations, and try to set some reasonable boundaries. Your partners (romantic or business) have highlighted needs for your focus right now — expend some energy helping them cut through their obstacles, and follow up with creative support and clear communication. Your children are beginning to diverge in their dreams a bit, with some attending to things like practical career goals and some more lost in the big questions of life… yet you may find yourself answering their questions with similar advice both practical and deep; it’s time to begin referring them to experts among your friends, as well — introduce them to a larger world where possible. There’s a chance to build a source of income out of a communications project, too: maybe a written article, possibly a video or even a marketing plan.

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