Astrology: Sun in Virgo III

Is it time for my sixth astrology column? Yes. As I described in my last column, my process is to use the moment of the Sun’s entry into a new Decan (a third of a Zodiac sign) as the moment to create a delineation (a paragraph or so description) for the upcoming experiences of people who share the same Rising Sign, or Ascendant. This column begins at the moment of the Sun’s entry to Virgo III, on 12 September 2019 at 9:49 pm local time (which happens to be Eastern time in the US northeast). The first thing I’ll do is tell you where the planets are in the chart, and then I’ll give a horoscope (an analysis of the time), based on those positions.

Planetary Placements

The stellium (collection of planets) in Virgo was high in the sky at the last Decan-ingress, but now, at nearly 10 pm, it’s below the horizon in the fifth house by nature. The same collection of planets are still gathered here, and still too tightly packet for comfort: The Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus. They’re in opposition-by-sign to both the Moon (in the 27th Mansion, representing ruin, hinderance and malice) and Neptune in Pisces; and square-by-sign to Jupiter in Sagittarius; and trine-by-sign to the Saturn, Pluto and South Node piled up in Capricorn, and to Uranus in Taurus. Even the North Node is in a slightly-friendlier sextile-by-sign to that main-line Virgo placement.

This also means, though, that all of the planets are in some relationship to one another. The Saturn, Pluto, and South Node grouping is sextile to the Moon and Neptune, and trine to Uranus and the Virgo group — but in conjunct to Jupiter.

The Moon and Neptune are square to Jupiter, opposing the Virgo grouping, and sextile to Uranus and to that grouping in Capricorn.

And so on.

It’s worth reviewing what aspects mean. To be inconjunct, for example, is to be in one of four signs: the two on either side of the sign currently containing a planet; and the two on either side of the opposing sign. These relationships in modern astrology are called the semi-square and the quincunx, but they’re an indicator of a lack of relationship, rather than a positive or negative one.

The trine and the sextile represent positive or supportive relationships: Trines are associated with Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, and they’re supportive because they mirror the generous, expansive, rectifying, and merciful qualities of the king of the planets. Sextile relationships are associated with Venus, the Lesser Benefic, and they tend to be lucky and harmonious, rather than harmonious.

The Square and the Opposition (or Diameter), on the other hand, tend to be tense, difficult, and conflicting relationships. The square, associated with Mars the Lesser Malefic, is a swift cut or break or burning; while the opposition, associated with Saturn the Greater Malefic, indicates a longer-term boundary or limitation, or a slowness or delay in realizing results.

Let’s see how this plays out in the horoscopes of the next ten days.

Rising Sign Horoscopes

The astrology chart for 12 September 2019, at 9:49 pm EDT at lat 42° 19' N, Ing 72° 37' W, using whole sign houses.

Taurus: The world likely feels as though it’s turning right-side up again, which is a relief, although there’s some cosmic trickery in the next few weeks. Home, career, and partner’s lives are likely to be relatively calm — however, there’s ongoing trouble between your commitment to friends and associations, and your own needs and desires. You have a clear sense of what you want these days, but the creative energy, the drive, and the communication are missing. Neptune in the house of your friendships brings drama and confusion, and the moon’s waxing placement in the Mansion representing destruction and hinderance, suggests that you have some boundary-setting to do; Jupiter square to these personal and amicable challenges indicates some judicious pruning is in order, as well as some tending of your shared finances. Trining Saturn and Uranus and Pluto indicate that you can pull up some deep insight and establish some practical frameworks for what lies ahead.

Gemini: Spend some brainpower on home and family matters in the next ten days; even though that effort may be invisible, you’ll come out of it with some creative ways to work through some financial matters. Your partners’ resources are sustaining you right now, but any romantic partner’s flaws are under a spotlight right now — and a business partners probably feel like cold and calculating misers. Resolve conflicts over money with generosity and forgiveness for the moment. Career and home are in an odd juxtaposition right now; there’s someone at work who’s working to hinder or block you — but it probably isn’t your first guess. You have a project at home that eating time and attention, but it’s not getting better. Both environments are looking for stability in practical matters, but a shake-up of comfort zones.

Cancer: You want more for yourself these days, but you likely feel as though there are alternate demands on your time and energy: financial concerns involving parents weigh heavily on your mind and wallet; you and your siblings are overanalyzing everything but not actually solving any of the difficulties; and all of you are awakening to new roles that you don’t believe you’re ready to take on. Someone is going to have to wash away some of the old lines in the sand, and it could be you, if you have the generosity and management abilities necessary to do the work. Be cautious of malice from your teachers, though, and be extra cautious in making travel plans. A friend is trying to help you awaken to new possibility — don’t shut them out

Leo: A review of your deep past is in order, in the next ten days, or your unconscious beliefs and inherited wisdoms are likely to trip you up. An especial review of finances is likely in order, particularly things like recurring payments — communications and medical expenses, home security systems, and fashion or music services; something that’s mostly invisible can still bring a harsh awakening. A romantic partner faces a long slog at work, meaning less time with you; while a business ally is essential for a profitable outcome, but still wants something extra from the deal; more negotiation may be needed. A surprise entertainment also brings an unexpected bill. Drink more local water — don’t get dehydrated! — but a filter of some kind is a good idea, too. A surprise gift may appear, but it’s got a nasty string attached. You’ve allowed yourself to get lazy and too comfortable at work — wake up, move, change your routine, and make some discoveries about how the team spends their time.

Virgo: Your romantic relationships may face some unpleasant squabbles in the next ten days, as old boundaries dissolve and some expensive damage comes to light. Examine the issues deliberately, creatively, and intentionally — but don’t try to negotiate the perfect solution; recognize you both need new awareness, and new boundaries, in response to changing circumstances. More time with different friends, and defining a clearer line around the difference between ‘self care’ and a toxic level of personal vanities. A trip, or a renewed intellectual interest, may be in order; however, if such a program is health-and-wellness oriented, it’s likely to succeed. Just be aware that it may result in a lot of time among relative strangers, and your old squad may not approve of the change. You career is demanding much of you right now, and home is suffering from these strains — however, it’s best to recall that you career is a bottomless hole. You can pour everything you are and that you have into it, and it will still ask for more: be generous with your time and flexible with your boundaries yes; but also reflect on your career-path’s more destructive tendencies, and wake to the idea that you were meant to make other legacies besides work.

Libra: Your time to shine is coming. It’s not arrived yet, though — and if you’re wrestling with depression or any sense of personal darkness, take heart! The night shall pass. Part of the trouble is that you’re unbalanced — health issues are a mess, work is spilling out in all directions, your friends seem unavailable (and every time you try to plan something fun, parental stuff or old issues get in the way). It’s quiet as solitary confinement or a tomb in your life, and that makes everything so much harder than it ought to be. As hard as the advice is to hear — get out more. All of the positive, enjoyable things in the next ten days are within an easy walk or driving distance of your home (which is a toxic stew right now anyway, do you really need more of that?) Sure, you don’t have money, but parks and hikes and chats with your siblings and intimate friends are cheap or free. Climb a tower or a hill and enjoy the view, and reflect on the great good fortune that comes to those in high places.

Scorpio: Your whole life is topsy-turvy right now, which is to be expected. Your personal life is on very public display, and all of your usually more-public self is very much hidden in the current scheme of things. Generous gifts and great fortune are expanding your wallet, though the long-term expenses more or less match the current income — save what you can, while recollecting that you chose this particular form of waste and consumption. Your friends list is in need of scrutiny: there are some difficult intellectual, emotional and political opinions lurking behind some smiling faces that you love — some boundary setting is needed, and maybe a little less-forgiving attitude. Family matters and neighborhood turmoil each weigh on you heavily at the moment, but you have little control over the outcome; you’re far from home, and your usual levers and tools don’t work when you’re in the public eye all the time. It’s time to try some new experiences, and to break a particular, otherwise-enjoyable habit that you know is harmful.

Sagittarius: Don’t spend all those financial windfalls in one place, friend. The tax-man cometh, and comes soon, at least from your perspective. The good fortune today may be lessened tomorrow. You’re finally in the right neighborhood, and you still seem an outcast. Your ‘home’ and ‘family’ are losing their old edges, but that just means that certain old problems are waking up, and old poisons are burning in old wounds. A surprise job brings you back to old haunts to wake up some folks… just don’t jostle them so hard that they wake on the wrong side of the bed. Your romantic partner is likely reviewing their relatively-invisible contributions to household success, and likely needs your generosity; just be aware that their financial challenges can be bottomless even as you face a need to armor up. Some upcoming trips are likely to send you visiting to parents; or new studies bring up old familial issues. Your public face is under a microscopic analysis at the moment, but your real and perceived limits may be balanced outing the long run by your creative and intellectual capacities.

Capricorn: You’re using the limits of the current situation to your advantage… just as soon as you figure out what they are. There’s a wealth of boundaries, and a certain social and economic cachet in being right, of course — but being right doesn’t always translate into success or happiness; a poison can take hold when you’re more interested in precision than helpfulness. You may experience a significant financial gain in these ten days, but some rebellion, or bucking the established system, may be required; and there are people who will never forgive you for it. A preferred hangout or a relationship with a sibling, may be subject to obvious damage due to a lack of care for boundaries — don’t be too free with information, and be prepared to let go of a tainted watering hole. Wake up to some new and surprising pleasures — you may need to revisit old stomping grounds, but rousing yourself to the trouble will reap rewards. Daily life and health are both at a fever pitch right now, and most of your work is invisible — recognize that “this too shall pass”, and a more balanced approach to life will soon emerge. Your romantic partner is looking for more right now, but “what” and “how” and “why” is still unclear. Business partners that are normally stay-on-target types are a little adrift at the moment; try to avoid impeding them as they establish some new protocols for themselves. A family legacy — more intellectual or emotional than physical — troubles your shared financial stage. All the real shine, though, is focused on a learning opportunity that’s too good to pass up, or a favorable travel window. The thing is, you’re largely on your own here — no one is going to give you this option, you’ll have to create the space-time for it yourself. A friend opens up an opportunity for ravenous debauchery, something you’ll crow about for years — but genuine good fortune is more likely to be found in solitude on some kind of a religious retreat or in aristocratic solitude. The choice, and consequences, are yours.

Aquarius: This is as good as it gets, quite possibly — a rebel finally in command of above and below, but struggling to re-tie those complex knots you knifed through long ago. Your finances have always been tidal, but of late the flood has come in more reliably, and there’s a growing thirst to keep the tide this high all the time, even as the funds wreak havoc on your management systems. Surprises at home — is it a bear inside your garden gate? Some attention to old family matters is likely to bring a new awakening. I hope it’s not a rude one; that armor of yours is in need of some overhaul, and you may have a co-worker or subordinate who’s stymieing your efforts. Your significant other is trying to cope with some family history of her own, as well — and a bright, well-focused analysis of your shared resources is worth a long look; just don’t expect life to make finding the time for that audit easy — the cosmos isn’t aligned to make the time just happen, it has to be your priority or it won’t come to be. Is a co-worker flirting with you? No, it’s just you reading noise as if it were signal. Focus on your actual friends, whose generosity and kindness is your real fortune. Maybe you have secret enemies, maybe it’s just a fever-dream… but really, you need less alone-time in the dark with your preferred poison, and more time in festively good company.

Pisces: Surprise! Are you feeling hindered in your work? Like secret enemies are ganging up to obstruct and de-romance your love-life? Like there’s this destructive wave, tsunami-smashing parts of your life to smithereens? It might be… you that’s causing this — or at least some cosmic forces shoving the pelagic deeps into your briny, stagnant estuaries. This salt stings, of course, but it’s also life-awakening. You can’t be on auto-pilot these next ten days, or the existing currents will sweep you away — act deliberately, stir up your family and don’t be content with the old familiar ground and the same old comfort food. Some of your old habits around friends and alliances need to be bound up and doused with ammonia; and some new friendships closer to home and family need to be awakened with a new dawn. What makes you happy? More of that, please, without limits; especially when it comes to your daily labors and your health, don’t do what your parents did; find a new way that works for you. The lights are on in your spouse or significant other, I suspect, but … well, it’s not that nobody’s home (they’re working hard in there), but they’re going at it hammer and tongs on some stuff, and the depth of their communication probably signals some grave concerns about love. Some of these limitations are inescapable for now, but make no rash decisions and take it slow if these are new symptoms: ten days may bring forth a more balanced and caring person. If there’s any good fortune in your life this period of time, you’ll likely find some career growth and maybe a well-paying side gig. There’s some decisions about so-called ‘friends’ to make, and maybe a rival or (even outright foe) to force into active retreat or at least constrain — but a retreat of your own, and a little solo rebellion, might not be a bad thing either.

Aries: Your get-up and go seems to have got up and went, though you can expect some of it back by the end of the month. If you’re waking early to look for your checkbook or scout pennies in the comfiest couches, though, you may want to review the ways that you’ve artificially constrained your career choices or engaged in some poisonous behaviors in pursuit of some family grievance. Spending a lot of time at home, yet still armored up against the world? Getting fewer jobs, limited responsibility and vile labor? Rehashing the same ground in your career? I want to make clear: this isn’t some cosmic punishment that’s doled out here—it’s just that the astrological clock’s hands are paused here at a moment when these three issues are sharply defined and delineated. If ever there was a place to see a sunrise, awake to new possibility, this might be it: a full-stack overview of your health, your daily habits, and your treatment of subordinates and allies could do you a world of good right now; and that’s before we turn any attention to your love life in the next go-round of this column. Make a commitment to whatever religious tenets you hold dear — go on pilgrimage, plunge in a sacred pool, be washed clean — and then take aim at some new goals. With some luck, some intention, and some greater clarity, you won’t be wearing a scarlet letter in the cottage on the edge of town. Destroy some of your innermost enemies, those personal demons of your own thoughts, before they drag you out to sea.

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