Tai Chi Y4D339

Tai chi today was much the same as yesterday, and all the days for about two weeks now.  I woke, I did some preliminary work in the form of druidic exercises, and then entered qi gong work with a moving meditation on Five Golden Coins. As I did this first exercise, I was doing inverse breathing — and I was sweating by the end of it.  Inverse breathing is hard, man, when you’re squatting and stretching and pumping blood and moving.  I kept it up until halfway through the next movement, Eight Pieces of Silk, but somewhere in the middle of that form I lost the process.

I tried it again as I moved into the tai chi forms.  Somewhere in the east-facing tai chi form, the first form, I lost track of where I was.  I had to start again.  As I did so, I started inverse breathing again. Wow, that’s hard today. Why is it so difficult?  South-facing tai chi went OK, but lost the inverse breathing somewhere in the middle.  Started the inverse breath again on the west-facing form, lost it in the middle.  Lost my place in the form in the north-facing tai chi form, and lost the breath… started both again.  Got through them OK.

I guess the thing is that we keep trying, right?

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