Tai Chi Y4D340

Did Eight Pieces of Silk first this morning, then Five Golden Coins, and then four tai chi forms.

My left fingertips are tingling — but not in a chi way, which I associate with good things.  No, this morning I whacked one of my hands on the chair at the drawing table during the west-facing form.  It’s that pins-and-needles sensation from when you’ve been sitting too long in one position.  The sensation is appearing, then going away, then appearing again.  It’s mostly gone now.

I tried doing a very intense workout, using the goal of moving through water as my guide — very strong, very careful movements.  I got about halfway through each tai chi form before I couldn’t do it any more.  It’s sort of a measure of how I’m doing, really — I can’t do the form to the highest levels of performance yet; but I am not giving up, either.  And the “first half of each form” gives me a sense both of what I must work on, and how far I have to go.

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