Dabbling – 6


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Dabbling-6Something did not turn out well in the first scan of this.  It turned out all pixellated.  I had to use the scanner elsewhere in order to get things to work properly.  I don’t think it’s occurred to me that the quality of scanner matters in the production of a piece like this, but of course it does.  I’ve inclosed the first scan (looks like the problem is a lower-resolution scan than on the 300 dpi scanner I have access to at work.)

I feel like Roger is really the most realistic I’ve ever drawn him in panel 5 (row 2, panel 1).  He’s got this weird hairdo in panel 1, and he looks emaciated and monstrous in panel 3, and human in panel 5, and blobby in panel 6.  Carygus varies quite a bit during his four appearances.  He’s solidifying as a character, to some degree, a bit of a punk or a smart-aleck, but interesting nonetheless.

I can see why artists have railed against hands for centuries, though.  They’re a pain in the neck at any scale.

I’ve given a copy of the first six issues of Dabbling to someone at school, who is going to do a unit on cartooning and drawing in their class.  So this is actually now being used in the way that I intended — as a teaching tool.  I’m pleased.  Once all ten issues are done, I plan to create a bare-bones PDF which you can download, and use for non-commercial purposes (i.e., in schools) as an example of what’s possible.

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