This year I’m thankful for my family. Not just my parents, but my extended family: aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins’ children and spouses.  It’s nice to have a tribe.

For my partner.  For my pseudo-step-child.

For my tai chi practice, which keeps me healthy.

For my workshop, in which I get to make cool stuff.

For my boss and colleagues, who support me in making cool stuff.

For my students, who help me learn how to make cool stuff, and like being taught how to make cool stuff.

For my friends, who make cool stuff of their own; who do cool stuff; who help others make cool stuff.

For my magical practice, which has helped me become more aware of my life and purpose in the world.  For the community of magicians, bloggers, and practitioners which it has helped me meet.

For my blogging, which has grown a community of people who communicate with me in public and private.

For my community, my state, my nation, and the world — not perfect, not perfectible, but beautiful and genuinely needing my help (and the help of all other people in it).

For my health, for my happiness, for my hopes for the future.

For our continued growth together.

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