Tai Chi Y4D239: Deep Breath Work

I did Eight Pieces of Silk first this morning, after 20 minutes of meditation and druidic exercises. Then ten push-ups, which were not very many but also really, really S L O W. Then ten squats, really, really S L O W.  Then the tai chi form, really, really, S L O W. The whole process of qi gong, push-ups, squats and tai chi took about 45 minutes.

Why so slow? Why so deliberate?

I was concentrating on breathwork.  You see, on Monday I’m going to be starting a new routine — for the next few months, from November into March, I’m going to be teaching a once-a-week tai chi class at school.  And for that, I’m going to need to slow down.

SO today was a deliberate practice in slowing down.  Probably too much, really. But it felt great.

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