Tai chi Y4D229: simple work

Tai chi was simple today. One tai chi form, Druidry, twenty push-ups, twenty squats. The whole setup had gotten somewhat baroque because of all the paintings piling up in the sitting room-office-spare bedroom-tai chi space. And now all those paintings are gone. 

I’ve been trying to activate the belt channel over the last few days, as you’ve no doubt read. I believe it’s having successful and measurable results.  Part of my Halloween costume was a pair of pants that hasn’t really fit in a long time, but it seemed like a good opportunity to risk it,  and they do in fact fit.  My weight hasn’t really changed — what has changed is my shape.  The activation of the belt channel is causing me to stand straighter, and carry more weight internally, rather than hanging out over my belt-buckle. I’m liking this. 

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