Tai Chi Y4D190: Half a Year??

Tomorrow will be half a year. Halfway through year 4. How did we get here?

One day at a time, I guess. Like always.  Today is Yom Kippur. An easy fast to those of my readers who have been keeping up with their own work; and a hard fast to those who need the lessons a hard fast will teach them.  For me, it means a day off from school — and a chance to go to various stores to purchase supplies for my school-related classes and projects.

For me, I did the two qi gong forms back-to-back, and then twenty push-ups.  And then two iterations of the form, with deep breathing exercises and attention to footwork.  Thirty-six minutes. Excellent.

My goal, of course, is to be somewhere in the 45-minutes to an hour range by the end of the year.  I’m hitting at least the half-hour mark pretty consistently, although some days I’m just not up for it. Then, I go to my minimum as I did yesterday and a couple of days ago.  It’s working out.

Thank you to my readers, who both commented and sent private messages with suggested Watchwords for my druidic work.  The word appeared quite suddenly, and it felt like exactly the right word, and two different divinations on the word have returned essentially the same answer: great choice, get started.  I’ll be doing the equinox rites a little later this morning.

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