Tai Chi Y4D189: Rough Start

Today I did tai chi. One form. Twelve minutes.  Part of me feels bereft, like I’ve abandoned my practice. Part of me feels like I just went back to basics.   But I just was not up for more than that.

I’ve had the sniffles for a few days. This morning I’m having difficulty drawing breath through my nose. It’s like I have no sinuses.  The fire cider that we made last November helped a lot this morning, though.

On another matter…

As some of you know, I’m a member of a druidic society. One of the tasks I’m supposed to do as part of my work is to choose a word — a ‘watchword’ or guideline to my work for the next three months, every time a Solstice or Equinox rolls around. That word has to be evaluated before being chosen formally — a process of reading it aloud, considering it, and evaluating it by watching for signs to appear in a limited stochastic process (aka ‘divination’).

In preparing for this upcoming Equinox on Wednesday, I’ve evaluated close to 100 words… and while one or two have cleared the “yeah, you /could/ use that… but there’s a better one” hurdle, none have cleared the “yes, this is the word” hurdle. And so I’m asking you, friends, for a suggestion or two. The irony is that if I choose your word, I won’t tell you. Any suggestions?

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