Tai Chi Y4D171: Practice

Yep, I practiced today. Did my druidic practice from DOGD — which in abbreviated form is the Central Ray and related rites — and then went into the office to do tai chi.

I stood there for several minutes, not quite sure how to begin although I knew perfectly well what to do.  Part of me really didn’t want to do it. I have spent way too much time in the last few days sitting down, and it has led to a couple of odd pains in my left leg.  Anyway, eventually I got down on the floor and did 25 push-ups. Then I stood up and did the two qi gong forms, Five Golden Coins first (although I made it Six, by accidentally adding in a movement from the second qi gong form).  Then I did Eight Pieces of Silk, although I counted to ten on some repetitions of movements, instead of eight.

Then four iterations of the form.  I concentrated on breathwork, speed, footwork, and outward movements today. And it was enough. I  feel great.

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