August 2015 Data

Thanks to Sam, I started doing Search Term Shoot-backs a few months ago.  But it occurs to me that letting my readers know about things other than search terms is probably useful. So this is maybe the first of a new kind of post.

‘Popular’ Search Terms

Thanks to Google’s decision to encrypt most search terms, I no longer know most of what people are searching for when they come to this website.  But these are the top eleven search terms this month — and only because I wanted to include the term “home kavad” in my listings.

  1. tattwa cards — My Tattwa Cards are here. They’re free for personal print-out and use, but please don’t hand them out to every member of your spiritual order ‘at cost of printing’ or whatever.
  2. the horse might talk — this line comes from a Sufi teaching story about Nasruddin, a comic figure with important lessons.
  3. hymn of mars — This probably found my Neo Orphic Hymns, celebrating the days of the week.
  4. learning geomancy — I’ve written a lot about geomancy, but maybe it’s time to do a serious series about it.
  5. how to draw a celtic tree of life — it isn’t necessarily Celtic, but the Tree of Life has its own regular geometry.
  6. cancer decans — I’ve only worked with a couple of the decans of Cancer, and only published my image of one.
  7. essay on encouragement — I think this was an essay about encouraging people to write essays more effectively.
  8. intrapersonal intelligence memory palace — I think that learning Memory Palace techniques makes you more intelligent, but not necessarily better at working with others.
  9. how to put holes in paper for coptic books — use an awl. And a book creche.  But then, I’ve only made three Coptic books so far. So maybe I don’t know the secret.
  10. how to make a lottery magic gridwinning the lottery by magic doesn’t usually work as you think it will.
  11. home kavad — I’ve made a kavad, but it’s not for everyone.


These are the websites that referred people to me in the month of August. I’m not counting search engine sites, because those people are finding me using encrypted search terms, and they’r already accounted for in the first part of the August 2015 data report. This is everyone else.

  1. — Twenty-five people apparently thought I had something worthwhile to say on Gordon’s blog, so they followed me home.
  2. — This is behind some sort of firewall or login, so I have no idea why they showed up.
  3. WordPress Reader — some of the people who follow me on WordPress, also read my stuff. How novel. But roughly 5% of the people who follow me apparently read me.
  4. Twitter — Linking this blog with a brief notice on Twitter is generating some, but a declining amount of traffic
  5. I think this one is spam, so I’m not going to give it any notice.
  6. — Robert gave me a shout-out, and he’s generated a lot of traffic. Thank you, really. That was unexpected.
  7. Facebook — Out of hundreds of friends in the big blue monster, nine visited. Which is to say that Facebook shows my linked posts to maybe 5% of my friends, and maybe 1% of those friends actually visit and read.
  8. Tumblr — the content I post at Tumblr doesn’t really match up with what I post here; so it looks like a few people visit, and then leave.
  9. — I’ve made a couple of books based on their designs, and it looks like their readers have visited a few times.
  10. — the author/manager of this website and I have exchanged some words about Palace of Memory Technique, and some of his writers have visited.


This is where people went when they left my blog, at least when they clicked links that I made myself…

  1. Google — a great many of my visitors seem to use the Google Pagan Calendar I made a number of years ago; and that’s where they go.
  2. WordPress Media — they also go to other places within the WordPress empire, possibly to view my content (which appears to be stored in a static way off my site.
  3. Other places within — The memory palace is most common, followed by the Acts of King Arthur (Gawain first of all, then canto i), followed by the twenty-three things list, followed by (of all things) the dodecahedron. (Why not the seventeen things, or make summer camp, or the poetic catalog?)
  4. Flickr — they’re mostly checking out my photographs that I embed on my own pages from another website
  5. — looks like I’m repaying Gordon’s kindness in letting me post comments to his blog.
  6. Greenchair Press — People were reading those posts about book making, apparently, and went to check them out.
  7. — they check out my art for sale, and (apparently) don’t buy anything.
  8. Digital Ambler —Sam is a much better magician and geomancer than I am.
  9. — this is one of the two Druidic orders I belong to, along with the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn.
  10. Twitter.
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