Tai Chi Y4D136: Origami Butterfly Box

Before I did tai chi this morning, I woke up way too early.  I wound up making these origami butterfly boxes, (and here’s an alternate butterfly, too) which are pretty cool. I look forward to learning the Dragonfly later today.  I’ve been finding that doing 2-3 origami patterns a day is not actually helpful. It’s better to do one, even more than three times, over several days, and learn only one new pattern a day.  Worth bearing in mind for the future; my owls, for example, still look like warped penguins, rather than owls (although from a magical perspective, I imagine that learning to fold the pattern one associates with one’s spirit animal or animal guide could be useful).

You may gather, from the fact that I was practicing origami before I did tai chi, that I had trouble getting started today.  I did 45 minutes of tai chi and qi gong before I stopped, though. So the starting-up was difficult, but the continuing was pretty easy.  I did 20 push-ups, followed by one tai chi form, followed by Eight Pieces of Silk, followed by seven tai chi forms, followed by Five Golden Coins.  Breaking up the routine from the ordinary pattern was helpful.

I even got in some of the eight movements. My outward pressure, and my splitting, were both excellent.  The more-frequent performance of the tai chi form is also strengthening my legs.  I’m developing a lower center of gravity as a result.  Progress!

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