Tai chi Y4D137: dispelling illness

woke up this morning to do tai chi. Wound up feeling worse after tai chi not better. Stopped after qi  gong and one iteration with the form. Food did not help. Not sure what’s the matter. 

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  1. Massage is not a good idea if you have an oncoming acute, or are in the middle of a full-blown acute. The reason is that you drive the acute from the superficial layers into the deeper layers, thereby aiding it to invade. To extrapolate from your situation: What if the breathing or something else aided the acute into the deeper layers? What if you spent some time finding a way to push the acute out? Just a thought.

    • I wound up doing exactly that… resting and breathing. I feel good today, especially after doing the relaxation exercise this morning to loosen my body up. That was really the keystone/lynchpin in the work that helped me break up whatever was trying to invade.

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