Tai Chi Y4D135: Full Set with Bugs

Tai chi today involved a face-ful of mayflies or other similar bugs.  It was not as much fun as it sounds.  I did two qi gong sets and eight iterations of the form.  The form work was really quite lovely.

In this context, the short forms of the last couple of days are an anomaly, but not a horror.  I think that’s going to be normal, actually.  As long as I do a tai chi form daily, and maybe some qi gong, then it makes sense that I’m doing OK in the long run.  And that was borne out by today’s practice, which was not particularly challenging to do. My body didn’t resist; I didn’t have this whole mental agony about doing the work; I didn’t have anguish about the experience or trying to fight back.  On the whole, it was an easy mental practice day, while being fairly rigorous on the physical level.  So far, so good.

I’m in a cafe soaking down coffee and internet time, and the internet is wonky. And it’s time for me to go.

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