Tai Chi Y3D345: at #NAISAC Today

I’m going into Boston today, to the NAIS Annual Conference.  If you want to find me, look for me in the top hat with the steampunk strap.  Everybody looks so professional at these things, all the time. But it’s impossible to find anybody because everyone looks the same at a distance.  I’ll be going to the a number of sessions, including something like “MakerLabs for Grades K-3”, and a session on 3D Printing, and a number of other such things.

But that means that I’m up this morning doing tai chi at 3:30.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best practice I’ve ever had, but neither was it the worst.  It was practice. Sometimes that’s enough.  But given that I’m leaving in about an hour, it couldn’t be an awesome practice. Not unless I wanted to be up at my usual time — 5:00 am minus 2 hours.  I gave myself an extra half-hour sleep.

Today will be a long, long day.

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