Tai Chi Y3D346: Narrow space, short time

I did tai chi this morning but not until late.  It was a 20-hour yesterday, all told, between getting up earlier than usual, driving to Boston, and managing the day, and driving home.  Yikes.  I got a lot of good ideas, but I’ll have to sort and manage what I got out of it before I post.

My practice today was… not ideal.  It can’t be: I was exhausted this morning, and I didn’t get up until later in the morning… and at that point my window of opportunity was closing pretty rapidly.  My footwork was poor.  However, I was able to work on the upward and downward forces, and a bit on the split.  In that regard it was good.

Matching upper and lower body turns out to be pretty complicated.  Either I get the footwork right, or I get the upper body work right. Getting them aligned, so that I’m moving through water as Doctor Yang suggests and with the feet out of alignment with one another (not one in front of the other, but in a ‘boxer’s stance’… that’s alignment of a sort, right?)… this is going to take some work.

Am I still happy?  Yes.

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