Tai Chi Y3D343: Working

Did the work this morning. Just learned that someone is in town, and would like to have a bite to eat.  Off to the races we go this morning!

Today’s practice was weak and unruly.  I think about how strong my practice was, last week, in the company of others, and how happy it made me.  It still makes me happy, but today I felt like I wasn’t moving in water, so much as rushing through air.  I was able to manage the right level of power in my work upon returning; but today it feels like a wholly different kind of effort to get to that kind of strength-training feeling that I had in my work last week. Are those four days of effort just going to melt like snow in July?

I guess we’ll see… around here, at the current rate, we may still have snow in July.

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  1. Your posts last week and through today are FASCINATING. Regarding how enjoyable it was for you to practice with others last week, T’ai Chi is practiced around the world in groups. There must be a reason for that…

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