Tai Chi Y3D283: Frightening the Cat

My mother has a cat.  Today, while almost no one was awake except the cat, I snuck out to my mother’s studio/office to do my morning tai chi.  The sky was still dark, and the buildings in the distance are still lit up with their orange-yellow sodium lights.  I took my three deep breaths and started moving, but very slowly.  As I moved through the first two postures, the cat wandered in, and decided this was a show worth watching. She settled down on a throw rug just as my first turn changed my direction and carried me forward…

Straight toward the cat.

The cat is no dummy. The cat got up and moved long before I got there.  She resettled herself to watch from somewhere else… which happened to be directly in the spot that I would reach after the first turning (at the first Single Whip). As I approached her again, she got up and moved to a new spot on a different rug — exactly in the path I would take at my next turning (at or just after Throat Strike.)  Ooops.  She got up and moved again. And this time she was OK until Buddha’s Twist Yep, again, she was right in my path.

That was it. She was convinced I was coming for her. She slunk off out of the room completely, and I didn’t follow her.  This cat is basically convinced that everyone is out to get her, and she runs away at the slightest provocation — but she also likes to watch and be in the middle of everything. Now, she probably hates me.

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  1. LOL! Poor cat! You should probably go and explain to her what was going on and see if that helps your relationship ;-)))

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