Tai Chi Y3D281: The Poem Assembled

Happy Christmas, and Boxing Day, readers!

The astute may notice that I gave you all a little bit of a Christmas present yesterday at 6:00pm: the complete Tai Chi Poem, and the completed drawings arranged parallel to the verses they describe.

This morning I did the tai chi poem at three speeds: normal speed, too fast, and almost-slow-enough.  My knees have been hurting the last few days since before my flight down to Florida — today was the first day that my knees didn’t hurt. And the way that they went about not-hurting was that the tai chi work loosened up whatever tension or ache was bothering them.

It seems that the cure for knee aches, at least for me, is more tai chi than usual.  Hmm.

There will almost certainly be another image in the tai chi drawings category later today. But for now, remember: more tai chi equals healthier knees.

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