Tai Chi Y3D280: Christmas is Here!

A joyous holiday to one and all, a celebration of light coming into the world.

My Christmas gift to Quin is the Page 2 of the Tai Chi manual I seem to be writing. This is the page with the movements “Circle the Arms” and “Ward Off Left” and “Ward Off Right“, which I hope will start to get you through the early part of the form. I did it this morning while waiting for the hour to crawl by at which it’s acceptable to get up, get a cup of coffee, and wait for Christmas spirit to enter the other residents of the house.Page 2 And do tai chi, of course. My mother remarked, “That didn’t take very long,” with a tone of disapprobation and judgment.

She’s right, of course.  It didn’t take me very much time at all to do tai chi today.  I didn’t really slow down, just swung my arms and legs through familiar patterns and left it at that.  I may do it again, later today, when we’re not gearing up for Eggs Benedict and presents and stockings.  But for the moment, I’m done.

I’m somewhat past the 28,000 visitors mark for the calendar year 2014. I’m likely to break the 29,000 visits for the year mark, and I’m strongly tempted to try to break the 30,000 mark for the year. That would be exciting.  But in six days? Nearly 2000 visitors? I don’t think it can be done.

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