Tai Chi Y3D279: One Page

Turning to the East Again It’s time to turn to the East again in the tai chi diagrams; we’re at the end of the West-facing sequence, and it’s time to begin another East-facing sequence. Gordon had a piece on dead kings and directionality recently. He points out that working with the four elements sometimes seems silly (especially since we know that there are almost (over?) a hundred-fifty of them now), but that directionality is shamanic and probably necessary. My experiences with Tai Chi confirm that — if you don’t know where you’re facing it’s hard to get much done.

I have been getting up later than usual down here in the southern latitudes. This is due in part to the experience of not having to be responsible for anything first thing in the morning other than my tai chi; it’s also due to my parents’ habit of going to bed relatively early.  I’m starting to feel somewhat human again after a long period of working very hard on a lot of different projects.

The astute among you will notice that I’ve more or less ceased trying to align the sonnets with the diagrams.  I was having a lot of trouble doing that simultaneously; I’m feeling that it will have to be a second, or third, or fifth layer of this work, once the drawing sequence is completed. But maybe not. One of my goals for this holiday season is to assemble all of the sonnets into a sixty-odd verse single-scrolling-page poem, so I can read the thing from beginning to end.

In the meantime, a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and a Joyous Yule, and a festive first Decan of Capricorn to those who mark those events.  There may or may not be a post tomorrow, although there will definitely be tai chi.

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