Tai Chi Y3D278: Two Pages

Did tai chi this morning, and immediately got dragooned into a visit to the grocery store, the fish store, and other stores, to procure ingredients for the familial feast. I learned the family’s secret gravlax recipe, which is not much different than any other gravlax recipe in the world. I’m looking forward to making gravlax for early February, as part of a bardic celebration of the Salmon of Wisdom, though. Why should gravlax only be a Christmas and Yuletide delicacy? No reason I know.

As time allowed today, I worked on a trio of pages for the tai chi project — the page of the current movements that I’m working on, called the Golden Pheasants to the half-spin; the revised “opening” pages of the book, and the page that you’ll probably get tomorrow, the day after, or the day after that.

The introduction, and the opening movement, with some space left over…

Today you all get two pages.  I’ve started going back to the beginning of the form, and converting the earlier pages into the format that will fit into the Book format that will allow me to print a final copy of all the tai chi diagrams. I realized that I would have one extra page left over, so I began designing the introduction to the book. I don’t think I’m done — what else would you put on it? — but it’s a beginning that will probably have to be re-done.

Basically, I need to know what goes in that long horizontal block that stretches across two pages, and I need to know if the text is readable, and if it’s useful and makes sense.

If it should go, you should tell me.

Then I went back to the place that I am in the form.

Golden Pheasants all the way to the half-spin
Golden Pheasants all the way to the half-spin

And I did four five movements:

  • Golden Pheasant Stands on left leg
  • Golden pheasant stands on right leg
  • Kick Right
  • Kick Left
  • Half-Spin

All in all, it was a productive day.   And now that the tai chi is done (morning), and the drawings are done (afternoon) and the entry is written (evening)… it’s time for bed.

Good night, all.

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