Tai Chi Y3D193: Nose to the Floor

I was only able to do 65 push-ups today, but 10 of them were nose-to-the-floor push-ups (as part of the second set of twenty).  In between sets of 20 push-ups, I did Five Golden Coins, then Eight Pieces of Silk, then the tai chi form.  Those nose-to-the-floor push-ups wiped me out.

I’ve not written much about my tai chi practice since the poetry ended. Part of me wonders if I’m done writing about it.  It’s integrated into my practice at this point; I don’t think I could genuinely go a day without it, given that I feel so much better on days when I do it than on days when I don’t. But then there’s that noonday demon, accidie, who’s constantly telling me it doesn’t matter, go back to beddon’t do your morning practice, it’s easy to catch up later.  OK, yes, it can be caught up with later, but it’s not really the same.

Part of it, really, is that I need a new plan or program to boost my tai chi. And frankly, I have one. While I was writing the poetry, in truth my practice suffered.  I was constantly thinking about the poem I was going to write afterward, rather than the tai chi I was doing right now.  And now I have to fix that.

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