Tai Chi Y3D183: Windmill Kick

Not a whole lot of time available today.  Today’s movement is Windmill Kick:

Weight goes on the left; extend both your arms
out from your shoulders, and somewhat wider—
and thus drive away all potential harms.
Don’t fly: you’re neither a plane nor a glider
but instead rooted firmly on the earth.
All the same, kick up your right leg to touch
the left hand’s open palm. At first, wry mirth
will greet this decree —few can, without much
practice, so kick their legs. Carry right heel
across open space, so toes touch right hand;
At first, the leg resists like hardened steel,
but with time and trial, this move can stand
unmodified. Land the right leg behind,
and swing arms down-right, hips and feet aligned.

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