Tai Chi Y3D184: Bend the Bow

Again, not a lot of time to spend on this today. Today’s movement is Bend the Bow. It’s a type of double punch. The hands should be off to the right and down at the end of Windmill Kick, and now they’re going to bounce high and come down again hard as they cross to the left side of the body.

Form hands into fists, as if you had hold
of a long stick, or a reed.  Hollow hands
remind you to keep them aligned; be bold
as you swing, right following left. What stands
in your way will meet with two glancing blows—
and a twist of your hips from right can lift
and weight your punches. This, everyone knows,
that the push-off from the right, builds the left.
Let both hands arc high, but then swing them down,
so they strike double, reversing the first.
The first strike hits ribs; the second, the crown
but only if the move is well-rehearsed.
Practice is the key to performing well,
for no strike may land; few foes just stand still.

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