Tai Chi Y3D182: Full Spin

Today, Procyon crosses the midheaven at about 8:41am, Eastern time. You can check the USNO page for the time of Procyon’s transit in your neighborhood.

I did 50 push-ups this morning with a fair bit of difficulty. The fact that I don’t ramp up to a given level of performance and then stay there, day after day, is a source of some annoyance to me, but there you have it.  It takes time to develop these skills.  The qi gong and druidic forms went fine.  Our tai chi movement for today is called Full Spin. It follows Step to the Seven Stars and Ride the Tigerand after it is Windmill Kick, which I’ve addressed before but not in poetry.

Tuck the left ankle behind the right knee,
and draw the arms in almost to the chest.
This will assist the movement to be free;
to turn full-circle is sort of a test
you may not pass at first. Flex your right foot,
and stand on the ball and toes; Kick out left,
make tenuous the link between your root
and the earth, and turn as your limbs all lift
Half is not enough; keep going around,
’til your toes face again where you started.
Then stamp your right heel down, and go to ground,
and follow with the left. When you’re rooted
nothing at all can shift you from your stance
but you — yet you must move, to end the dance.

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