Tai Chi Y3D178: Snake Creeps Down

Sort of a busy day today. Did push-ups, qi gong forms, tai chi. The poem for today is about Snake Creeps Down.  I’ve written about SCD before.  Time to return to the subject:

Draw the left hand inside the elbow’s crook,
and sink your weight by bending both your knees.
When standing, your moves are an open book;
Yet when you crouch, you have a chance to seize
initiative — or an ill-placed ankle.
Swing the left arm out from its sheltered place
and begin to stand — Sure, it will rankle
at first, because your knees will lack the grace
to move so easily down and then up,
but you’ll get there — practice makes you better.
The left arm swings with pinky side up,
for this makes the strike faster and fitter:
a cobra hissing from atop its stone
where it soaks up power and reigns alone.

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