Tai Chi Y3D179: A poem delayed.

Fifty push-ups today, of which four were nose-to-the-ground… but it also took six sets to do all 50: 10, 15, 10, 5, 10 (of which 4 were nose-to-the-ground).  I’m making some progress, but whoa it’s hard.

Began the tai chi with a bit of a cold, and some signs that it might be a bad one.  Ended the qi gong forms sweating full-body, and found the internal warmth that kicked the cold to the curb. Breathing easy now and I have no apparent symptoms of the cold.

The movement today is called Step to the Seven Stars of the Dipper. It’s preceded by Snake Creeps Down, and followed by Ride the Tiger. … And here it is, almost 7pm, and it’s been a busy day, and there’s no entry written.  Better fix that.

Except… it’s gone.  Whatever “juice” I had to write this poem today got used up on other things.  We’ll try again tomorrow.

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