Tai Chi Y3177: Single Whip

Did 55 push-ups this morning. Several sets: 14 in first set, 12 in second set, 6 in third set, 6 in fourth set, 15 in the fifth.  The last set, of 3, were the only nose-to-the-ground push-ups I did.  Those sucked. They hurt, and they had terrible form.  Argh.

Today’s tai chi movement is Single Whip.  I’ve worked with this movement before in poetry here and here, and here, and with the variant move, Spiral Single Whip. Mostly, all I did was repeat the poem from an earlier part of the sequence though. Time to write a new one:

From Push withdraw: the hands draw a broad arc
at shoulder level; weight slides right to left.
Right foot turns, against the clock, in the dark;
Spike right fingers, in a movement so deft
the foe does not see as the right arm bends.
Fold left arm so its and saucers the right–
a teacup of chi. Where your arm intends
to go, now point your left foot: it’s your sight
for the next movement. Press your weight forward
from right foot to left; old back’s now the front.
Unfold the arms. All approach is countered
by your swinging limbs, which fling the full brunt
of your shifting weight: shoulder, elbow, wrist
each in turn can strike, ending with flat fist.

I think that works.  I’m sure that you all, like me, are getting awfully tired of rhymes like left/deft, right/sight, and front/brunt.  I feel like they’re all I’ve written for months. Maybe that’s because that’s nearly all I’ve written. There’s something like eight poems to go, maybe.  I’m looking forward to the end.

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