Tai Chi Y3D176: Push

Woke up way too early this morning with a couple of big issues on my mind, but couldn’t figure out if I should stay in bed and rest, or get up and do something about it it.  Finally got up a bit early and practiced my druidry forms.

Fifty push-ups this morning: a set of 20, a set of 7, and a set of 23.  Not sure what went wrong with the set of 7 — just couldn’t do more than that. Wrong arm position? Trying to do it too soon after the first twenty? Overall, I think it’s interesting that I went from being able to do not-quite-20 reliably, to being able to do 40, to being able to do 50 in three-ish sets, in a fairly short period of time. Weird.

TOday’s movement is Push. This is not exactly a difficult movement — a roll of weight to the back foot, a separation of hands, and a roll of weight to the front foot.  Push is one of those movements that repeats often throughout the form, and always seems to occur in conjunction with Press and Single Whip. As you can see, I’ve tangoed with this particular movement before.

The right foot holds the weight, but now shift back
all of that mass to the left sole and leg.
Remember that it’s not courage you lack,
when you shift your mass to the rearward peg
but know the game is one of push-and-pull:
Fall back, or press on, as the moment needs.
Spread your hands to make a defensive wall
and shift weight forward.  Your opponent reads
your body language; you read his as well,
so be careful not to over-extend.
Thus do not swing your body like a bell;
move your navel on the course you intend
to follow from the start to conclusion.
Keep your focus to prevent confusion.

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