Tai Chi Y3D157: Heel Kick

Today’s movement is Heel Kick. Where the first two kicks involve the ball of the foot, this kick is made with the pad of the sole under the heel. 

Lift left knee in line with joint of hip,
while both hands are folded before the face.
Point your elbows out. Prevent any slip
by weighting down your right foot as your brace.
Shift toward expansion from compactness:
The hands spread widely, and left heel kicks out.
Hold to balance instead of exactness;
keep the kick low, to avoid your own rout.
And then, please remember to end the kick;
Don’t be quick to move on, but find the stop.
Draw the heel back below the knee: this trick
will land your left foot. Put foot down, don’t flop
forward, but rebalance your weight and bring
both your arms inward, from their outward fling.

Hmm.  Some parts of it aren’t bad.  Other parts… well, they could use some improvement in a revision, if I ever get there.  Tomorrow I’ll be doing the movement Bounce the Baby on the Knee.  We’ll see about that. 

A heads-up: Tuesday is the first day of school, and Wednesday through Friday are apt to be a bit bouncy and crazy as I settle into my new schedule.  So 1) your prayers and good wishes would be appreciated; and 2) blogging may be a bit complicated those days.

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