Tai Chi Y3D156: Half Spin

Hoo-boy.  We’re at the first spin.  How does one explain a movement in a form where the whole thing is about shifting weight from left to right or from front to back, when the whole point of the movement is to have no weight at all on the floor — to carry it within one’s self while one turns from front to back.

One would like to engage in a little handwaving, and say “I’ll write this movement later.” Alas, I don’t think I can do that.  I think I have to do this.  

Tuck the left ankle behind the right knee, 
even as you lift the right heel and press
your weight to the ball. The ball, you will see,
serves as the pivot. Draw hands in; address
yourself as a column, efficiently tucked
and balanced on one foot. Kick left leg out,
to generate clockwise spin: if you’ve lucked
out, you’ll make a half-turn, without a doubt.
The trick is stopping. Your hip is your brake;
a shift of your weight will stop you for sure.
Not quite half? A bit passed? What you can take,
without falling down — that’s fine, and it’s pure.
End with your left knee hanging in the air,
hands before chest, and a dangerous stare.

Hmmm.  What do you think? Does this work?  Or is it a little too cute?

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