Tai Chi Y3D155: Kick Left

I did thirty push-ups this morning, but it was an odd sort of set.  Three, then a pause, eight then a pause, six then a pause, ten then a pause, three.  I just could not find the right position or posture to do them well, and I kept having to stop because I wasn’t able to do them in sequence. Very frustrating.  The curve of self-improvement is rarely steady.

The movement for today is the left-side version of yesterday’s movement, Kick Left.

Now the same movements on the other side:
begin by shifting weight to the right sole,
and try to do so in a gentle glide.
Moving without notice should be your goal.
Hands rise up to shield face, left before right;
Swing left hip to lift knee so calf dangles,
and the left ankle is both loose and light.
Kick the left foot —keep to acute angles,
and spread out both arms: right hand up, left down
so your balance expands to fill your space.
Move slowly, so when your balance is blown
You know it for sure; accept loss as grace
which tutors you in what practice is sought
by your body: listen to what you’re taught.

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