Tai Chi Y3D112: On the Grass/Away

Today will be the last entry until Monday, possibly Tuesday.  I’m going on a bit of a retreat, and I know that I’m not going to have internet access for the next few days.  I may post short takes on my daily practice after I return, but there’s nothing scheduled to pop while I’m away.

F. Mercury KameaIn the meantime, today’s tai chi practice took almost an hour. Druidry and the two qi gong forms took 30 minutes, and the tai chi form took twenty minutes.  I’ve really learned how to slow both activities down to the point where I’m capable of having a really powerful, breath- and body-changing experience.

I was talking with my friend otherAndrew last night, and I admitted that my practice was stalled a bit.  He was talking about his Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga practice. You commit to thirty days of daily practice, and the teacher observes you for a little while, gives you a couple of poses. You do those.  When you’ve got those correct, you get a few more poses.  During class, everyone is working on their own yoga routine, largely designed for their own body based on direct observation by the teacher; and the teacher corrects your work regularly during class. It sounded great.

I’m coming to the conclusion that I probably need to join a school for a while, and learn some new tricks.

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