Tai Chi Y3D111: At home

Daily practice. Some days easier than others. Today was not so easy. The room at home where I did tai chi is already hot and humid, and was quite an ugly place to perform tai chi. This is in contrast to its usual beauty and comfort.  Oh, well.

My push-ups are getting stronger and more reliable. Today they were a little out of shape and a little too quick.  But this is a temporary thing, I think, driven in part by the current weather conditions and the challenges to my arms from driving back from Maine yesterday.  In general, I’m doing better push-ups now than two weeks ago.

The two qi gong forms were excellent. Breathwork was good, movement was appropriately slow, and energy levels were fine.  I was able to stay on track throughout both forms; I didn’t lose my place or become distracted.

The tai chi forms were also fine.  If I have a complaint to make at all about my performance today, it’s that I’m having some difficulty learning to fit my breathwork to the named postures.  I’m actually trying to go slower than I’m ‘required to do’ by my current efforts at self-discipline.  However, just because I am sometimes going slower doesn’t mean that I’m not going at an uneven speed throughout the form.  some parts are slow, other parts are slower, and still others are tortoise.  Not ideal.  I’d like to be able to perform the whole program at a consistent speed. This will take some time.

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