Tai Chi Y3D107: Incomplete

Happy Independence Day! Mr. John Adams said that forever afterward, July the 2nd would be celebrated as a day of freedom and liberty in Americ—  oh, wait.  It did take a couple of days for the paperwork to go through.  May you have a happy and dry July 4th weekend, with parades, fireworks, quiet and peace as seems appropriate to you.

I did my push-ups, my druidry exercise, and the two qi gong exercises before I ran out of space.  I’m a guest in a house at the moment that used to have a lovely open barn loft floor at the back of the house.  Alas, it’s now filled with furniture and boxes.  No tai chi there. I tried a spare bedroom.  Nope, no tai chi there.  The office? Nope, no tai chi there?  It will have to wait for a little bit, and another part of the house. I’m not used to not finding space to do the work! Usually it’s easy, but in this house with its sloping ceilings and odd eaves, it’s a little challenging.

I’ll get to it eventually, but I think I have to find a quiet space outside.

update: found some outside space for tai chi and did so. It was not my best working bit it wasn’t bad. And it’s not as hot here as it was at home. A good morning.

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