Tai Chi Y3D103:

Popped awake at ten minutes to 5 feeling like I’d been run over by a truck.  Tai chi and druidic exercises helped — they helped a LOT — but I’m still not entirely right in the body.  Yesterday I tried to make mozzarella again.  It didn’t turn out right, but I ate some anyway.  Just typing that, as a potential cause of my current body-sense, actually helped too.  I wonder if I accidentally ate something I shouldn’t have?

The tai chi practice today was fine. This feeling of headache, of body ache, of fogginess started breaking up the moment I got on the floor and did my push-ups.  Then I went into the other room and did Rite of the three rays, the druidic exercise. And then I came back in the office — which I cleaned and reorganized yesterday! —and did the two qi gong exercises and the tai chi form.  All in all, a good morning.

Update: A bathroom trip later, and I feel fine. Food trouble.  Don’t eat the cheese.

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