Tai Chi Y3D102: A balance

There’s a right balance between slowness and overstrain.  The last few days of trying to move at four breaths per action, whether it be a shift of foot position or a movement of fingers, has been simply beyond my abilities.  It’s put a lot of stress on my left knee — apparently my form is weighted to the left, so that the right leg can kick or shift position more easily and more freely.  Who knew?  But in any case, it’s stressed my leg a lot.  Today I worked on trying to get in four breaths per named movement, which worked much better and didn’t strain the left side of my knee as much.

I think it’s interesting that there’s new stuff emerging from slowness that I wasn’t really expecting.  It’s like there’s this extra layer of stuff going on that I didn’t know was there.  The overly-weighted-to-the-left thing is new, but there’s also the question of performing spins slower.  It wasn’t until I tried several times to do a spin correctly but slowly that I’m using my knee and ankle and a sudden downward-squat-like thing to help re-anchor myself in the correct direction once the spin is almost over.

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