Tai Chi Y3D72: Like a great fog dispersing

The last few days, I haven’t written much about my tai chi practice.  The illness/allergy that has gripped me off and on for most of the last month has been finally dispersing.  Doing tai chi this morning carried with it a sense of a great fog or mist dispersing — that, for the first time in what feels like weeks, I feel like I’m not traveling in my own little bubble world, like the miasma has broken up and I’m free. That said, there’s still some blockage in my right ear, but that may be because I slept mostly on my right side last night, and it feels like it’s draining. Finally.

The practice itself was just-ok.  I don’t want to characterize it as something special. There were no Airbender maneuvers where flashes of light and heat formed shockwaves around me, sputtering through the air and driving away the crunk.  But it felt like that’s what happened, even if it’s not what happened.  As I found myself doing the qi gong form, Five Golden Coins, i felt like my motions cleared out a little space around me.  Eight Pieces of Silk cleared more. And then, the really beneficial one was the tai chi form, which it felt like waved most of the fog away.

What do I mean by this? Well, mostly what I mean is that there has been a heaviness, a lost direction, a thickness that has surrounded me for two long. It felt like today broke through that thickness and cleared the fog.  I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.  Maybe the obstacles aren’t cleared away yet, but I feel like I can see them for the moment.

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