Tai chi Y3D61: returning to work

Today was the first day in a week or more that I feel as though I did the work in a reasonable way.

My health has not been good, unfortunately. Between my sinuses and post-nasal drip on the one side, and apparent dairy allergies on the other, it’s been a complicated week for tai chi. I haven’t had the energy to do more than the most basic practice; but I’ve been unable to generate the necessary energy in my practice to break up the illness and pass through to health again. Some limitations are to be expected, I guess.

Today was not particularly good as far as practices go. It was better than any day in the last six days, I’d say. But it was not a quality practice either— the breathing was off, the speed was too rapid, and the posturing was sloppy.

But it wasn’t like starting over at day one, either. I’m not sure I know what starting at day one would be like, either, though. I wonder how I would find out? Stopping for a while and then starting up again, I guess. Not ready to do that experiment.

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