Tai Chi Y3D39: Did I flip a switch?

Yesterday’s tai chi practice was awesome. Today’s was not as awesome, but pretty awesome.  It was pretty close to yesterday’s speed record for slowness, for me; about 21 minutes beginning to end.  What was lacking today was the underlying sense of energy.  Yesterday there was a massive amount of chi flowing and moving; and today there’s barely a ripple.  It’s as though someone through a rock into a pond: yesterday was the massive ripple — and today the pond is completely still.

I don’t want you to think that today’s practice was in any way remarkable.  It was unusual in how how ordinary it was, instead.  It just happened to have the right speed, the right breathwork, and the right movements all together. And all of that happening at the same time is unusual enough.

On a different matter, a new commenter, andriulli, has asked for a slightly better system of navigation of this website… anyone got any ideas about how to make the site more user-friendly?

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