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At the top of my blog, you might have seen a series of buttons that say “home”, “about”, “archives”, “Poetic Catalog”, “Teaching” and “Workshops”.  See those buttons?  Those will take you to various places in my blog that get enough regular hits or visits to be worth building as a separate hotlink to that content.

They’re also drop-down menus.  Which means that if you hover over the word, but don’t actually click, you’ll see further connections.  I’ve just added a new page based on a request or suggestion from a commenter, which is a list-by-10-days of the Tai Chi entries.  It’s not as good as linking back to each and every reference that seems relevant in the archive, but it does provide a sort of reading guide to the tai chi entries.  You can find this “tai chi” hotlink on the ABOUT menu.

There’s also a new “Teaching” button, and the Maker’s Grimoire and the Palace of Memory pages are organized under that.

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  1. Very good! Ever since you put out a call for ideas, I have been wondering what would work. This does. Thanks. A long time ago, I actually worked myself back to Day 1. This will be much easier for new readers (and me too.) I bet the Memory Palace writings will be even more popular now, too. Thanks. C

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