Tai Chi Y3D20:

Shadow boxing: tai chi today Just me and my shadow[/caption Today I was able to do tai chi outside again. I was groggy and fitful from the fact that I woke far too early this morning to celebrate and salute the rising of Venus in the first degree of Pisces. More of a hermetic thing to do than a druidic thing, really, but I still enjoyed myself. It’s fun making art at four in the morning, and then singing hymns and poetry over it.  This has become one of my more favorite things to do with my magical practice, actually, as I did it for Cetus and the exaltation of the Sun, and a few other stars.  It’s sort of an extension of the poetry I wrote for the Sun and the Moon many years ago.

But back to today’s tai chi practice… It was an ok day. No rising sense of energy. Definitely combatting a weird sense of tiredness that results when waking up to make art for an hour or so in the middle of the night. Neither good nor bad. Still worth doing.

I worry that I am about at the end of what I have to say about tai chi. One of the email lists for Druids that I’m on has been discussing the major streams of energy work. This amounts to the idea that there are, maybe, three principal currents of energy that humans can tap into: the Solar current, which comes from the above and enters us from the top of our heads before flowing through us into the ground; the Telluric current, which flows into us through our feet and cycles up through us before exiting through the head and shoulders; and finally the Lunar current which is a fluid combination of the Solar and Telluric currents, which enter at both ends of us, top and bottom, before fusing in the furnace of the heart and projecting outwards from there. These three currents can initially be tapped by the basic practices common to each magical or occult or spiritual tradition, but they often run into challenges when we try to combine symbol systems from multiple traditions. Of late I’ve been feeling weary and stretched, and some of this may be due to practices-conflict. The Druid work I’m presently doing is mostly solar; but some Druid workings are Lunar and others are Telluric. Tai chi feels like it’s mostly Telluric but with some Solar work; and both my lady and some others have recently reminded me that there’s also a Celestial current which appears to be different from the Solar, Lunar and Telluric currents, which humans can work with — and some tai chi sources talk about celestial when they mean solar, or talk about mixing the elements under the sun or moon but are using the alchemical Telluric current. Maybe.

I feel like there’s a lot I don’t understand these days about how to advance my practice. It’s not got me worried, exactly, but I am feeling challenged and pushed around a bit, and wondering how to move forward.

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